Busy times

It has been a very busy few months since starting my consultancy and with a few days break I decided that it was time to update my news.

Starting out alone is much easier if you have a good network of people you have worked with, and I have been very lucky in that respect.  As well as making finding work easier, I have found it essential for doing the work; whether it is being able to call on additional expertise or familiarity with the organisations you’re working for.

I have had two significant pieces of work since April; a sector consultation on originality and academic integrity for Turnitin to support their product development, and working alongside Heather Gibson undertaking an evaluation of the Abertay University learning and teaching development fund.  Both these will appear as case studies on my website over the next few weeks.

I will shortly be doing some work with the Jisc Learning Analytics team around assessment data which will involve Turnitin, and am also waiting confirmation of another evaluation project.

Although this will take up a lot of my own time, there is still plenty of scope in the consultancy to undertake other projects, so do get in touch!