Business Service List

How Universities Work

Universities can be challenging to work with; structures do not follow commercial norms, stakeholders are often difficult to identify, timescales are complicated and procurement processes can be challenging for commercial suppliers. We can work with you to help your staff gain a better understanding of how universities work and procure.

Product & Customer Research

We can provide you with valuable insights into your product development, identifying possibilities and opportunities, and enabling you to go to market with a stronger offering. It can be difficult to know exactly what your customer thinks of your offering until it hits sales. As independents, we can find out what customers really think for example by supporting you at events or by running focus groups of key university stakeholders.

Client Liaison

An area we already work in is acting as a liaison between supplier and customer during the procurement process. It is all too common for either or both sides in a procurement process not to fully understand what the other side is really saying. By acting as ‘translators’, we can ensure that discussions are properly understood and we can also raise points or ask questions of both sides. This ensures that the delivered product meets the expectations of both sides.