Since its creation, Kerr Gardiner Consulting has delivered a number of projects across Higher Education, but for 20+ years before that Kerr was involved in delivering TEL services across the UK. Some of these are gathered here along with some musings on the current and developing digital learning landscape.


Chris Turnock joins KGCL

After a successful visit to CanvasCon in London this month, I am very pleased to announce that Chris Turnock from the University of Hull will be joining KGCL for a new initiative around VLE transition support.

Universities we spoke to have already sorted out the mechanics of change, and are keen to maximise the benefit for staff and students, and support development of their digital curriculum.  At KGCL we have direct experience of delivering VLE change within universities and are ideally placed to highlight opportunities and show universities how to achieve them.

Contact us for further details at or call us on (+44) 1970 871208.