Kerr Gardiner Consulting was started in February 2017 when founder Kerr Gardiner left the University of Glasgow to join his family in Aberystwyth, Wales. With over 25 years experience in developing and leading learning technology services across UK HE, Kerr has found his services to be in demand across the sector, both for universities and suppliers.

The key focus of business was initially around services that Kerr can provide directly, but as business increased, Kerr has brought in former colleagues from across the HE sector providing not only additional capacity but a wider range of specialisms. The team is now truly able to offer a full service for any university considering how best to develop its educational technology offerings, with a speciality being online distance learning.

The team

Recent Work

  • Review of digital infrastructure trends in higher education
  • Developing a country-wide learning framework for an EMEA client
  • Tender review of online assessment management software
  • A review of e-learning provisioning across a number of research intensive universities in the UK, the US, Canada, and Australia for an HE client.
  • A review of plagiarism detection support and provision in the UK & Netherlands.
  • Community of Practice development for the Jisc/HEFCW LA Cymru project.
  • Review of in-house educational media production services for an HE client.
  • Review of VLE suppliers for an HE client.
  • Review of audio visual service provision for an HE client.
  • Understanding the Sector – a workshop for companies supplying UK HE.
  • ‘Pedagogy of Space’ workshop for an HE client.