Covid-19 (April 2020)

It is now clear that universities and colleges are likely to be closed for the rest of the academic year, and many are also starting to plan for the possibility of closures continuing into next academic year. At KGCL we are adapting our service portfolio to support education as it moves into the new ’normal’. Services will include:

  • Capability assessments to ensure that institutions are ready to move into the next stage of online learning.
  • Structural re-alignment to enable delivery of learning in the new ’normal’. 
  • Workshops to support your staff in re-thinking course structure and content in a hybrid teaching model.
  • Focussed CPD provision to support online and asynchronous teaching. 

Covid-19 Update

As the impact of Coronavirus escalates. it is increasingly likely that schools, colleges, and universities will face closures and a need to deliver their teaching online.  This will mean providing practical support for teaching staff – particularly important for Schools where staff may have little or no experience of teaching online. A rough & ready approach will be common initially and should suffice, but if the closures become extended then schools will face a challenge to address quality aspects – but will they be ready to do so?  Follow our series of short blogs providing advice & highlighting resources, many of which are free, to help you deal with the crisis.