Covid-19 (November 2020)

Universities and colleges pulled off what many of us thought was impossible – move all learning and teaching activity online almost overnight. The effort was tremendous and all consuming, and students were appreciative of the efforts made to enable their education to continue.

It is now clear that disruption will continue for some time, and institutions are now faced with the likelihood that education is unlikely to return fully to pre-Covid provision. This brings challenges, not least a kick-back that pivoting hasn’t been enough and the quality of experience provided isn’t always seen as satisfactory.

Senior management are fully aware of where there are shortcomings and many have made efforts to improve, mainly through the recruitment of additional learning technologists. What is yet to be explored and understood are the structures required to support post-Covid FE and HE. This is where we can help – we have extensive experience of online, campus, and hybrid education and of developing institutional support structures and mechanisms which are efficient and scalable. Get in touch now to discuss how we can help you meet the challenge.


New Directions

In 2017 I started this consultancy as a sole trader with the aim of using my experience to improve the use of technology in education and support universities and colleges to embrace the evolving digital landscape. Four years later the consultancy has grown and now brings in other consultants to cope with the workload and extend capability.

Some recent projects have been around learning analytics, and the mass pivot to online learning caused by Covid-19 has increased the interest in the potential opportunites of learning analytics. In June this year an exciting opportunity arose to become more directly involved in learning analytics, leading to me accepting a staff role with Jisc supporting learning analytics. This work is a continuation of the activity I’ve previously undertaken with Jisc and Turnitin, and whilst exciting, also means that I have had to review my activity within the company.

We will continue to provide our full range of services through an expanded team of consultants who have extensive experience in HE, FE, and now schools across the UK and look forward to continuing work with existing clients and welcoming new clients.


Covid-19 (April 2020)

It is now clear that universities and colleges are likely to be closed for the rest of the academic year, and many are also starting to plan for the possibility of closures continuing into next academic year. At KGCL we are adapting our service portfolio to support education as it moves into the new ’normal’. Services will include:

  • Capability assessments to ensure that institutions are ready to move into the next stage of online learning.
  • Structural re-alignment to enable delivery of learning in the new ’normal’. 
  • Workshops to support your staff in re-thinking course structure and content in a hybrid teaching model.
  • Focussed CPD provision to support online and asynchronous teaching.