New Service: VLE Transition

Significant numbers of universities are currently reviewing and changing their VLE.  This is a significant change project and often requires the recruitment of project management to oversee the project, additional IT staff to help with the system integrations, and additional learning technology staff to support academic staff in the transition.

However, it is all too easy to see such a project in terms of the mechanics of change.  A new VLE brings about a great opportunity to transform your learning & teaching activities and in doing so improve your student experience, enhance your NSS scores, and support your staff to engage with digital education.

With extensive experience in the direct management of VLE change and identifying the opportunities for enhancement through change, KGCL can help your university make the most of your review and VLE change.

Chris Turnock, until recently Director of Learning and Teaching Enhancement Directorate at the University of Hull, has recently joined the team at KGCL and brings his experience of steering Hull through a VLE review, the subsequent procurement exercise, and the deployment of a brand new VLE.

KGCL have connections to VLE providers. In particular KGCL have a close working relationship with Canvas and can work alongside them to help their customers get the most from their VLE transition.

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Services for Universities & Colleges

We are all facing challenging times adapting to a rapidly evolving Higher Education sector.  With experience of delivering solutions within universities, KerrGardiner Consulting can provide a bespoke package of support tailored to your requirement and budget.

Critical Friend:
This is one of our strengths.  Sometimes you just need access to someone independent – to bounce ideas off, get feedback on your plans, or get different ideas to help you plan.  Consultations can be done by phone, online, or face-to-face and can be anything from a single session to a whole series helping you through a transition period.

Guidance can be provided on all aspects of developing a technology rich, blended or fully online learning experience, at both institutional and course level.

Organisational Review:
Most universities and colleges have developed their academic, support, and business processes for traditional campus based teaching.  Our experience of evaluating institutional digital capabilities and developing digital-friendly organisational structures will help you avoid the pitfalls encountered when transitioning to a blended or online provision.

Content Conversion & Creation:
With our team of curriculum, pedagogy, & media experts we can take existing courses and transform them into exciting interactive online experiences. We have extensive experience of creating online courses and content for colleges & universities, using both VLE and MOOC platforms.

Staff development:
Ensuring that your staff are equipped to deliver blended and online teaching is essential, and we can offer a range of bespoke activities for both academic and support staff.  It is also essential that senior management fully understand the challenges of going digital and we offer focussed, compact sessions to raise awareness without unduly impacting on their time.

Sector Specialists:
We have access to a wide range of specialist professionals from across the university sector ensuring that whatever your requirements are we can provide an end-to-end service.

Supplier Liaison:
With extensive experience of procuring technology services we can work with you to identify suitable suppliers and negotiate terms.

Services for Businesses:

Both new and established businesses face challenges in supporting educational customers.  In the UK there are many university sectors, such as Russell Group, Post-92, Ancient, Modern, Redbrick, Plate-Glass, each with their own particular requirements.  There are also multiple sector groups covering areas such as e-learning, media services, IT, Library, space design – these groups often have the key stakeholders that businesses need to engage with.  With over 20 years active engagement in many of these groups, Kerr Gardiner Consulting is uniquely placed to provide insight into how these groups interact and to identify the varied requirements of the sector.


Specialist areas include:

• VLE (provision and migration)
• Virtual Classroom (deployment)
• Classroom technology (audio-visual)
• Video Production (small to medium scale)
• Content creation (for online learning)